Dear Aesthetic Human Beings,
DISKOBOMBA: Diskoteka Bombastika invites you to a night of dance, music and reflections, both internal and external, at Liquid Club in San Ġwann, on Friday the 28th of April, for one night ONLY.



We will be welcomed by a never-heard-before, 90-minute musical journey by
 This will be premiered before the dancefloor opens. We encourage you to be on time in order to listen to this piece in its entire glory.

At 11:11pm the dancefloor opens with DJ sets by

Alien Montesin
Niels Plotard
Andrew tad-Dawl



Entrance by guestlist ONLY. You can apply in the form at the bottom of this page after reading the information below. Guestlist closes on the day of the event at noon.
Entrance for people who are over 21 years old ONLY.
You might be asked for ID at the door.



It would be beautiful for us to be creative with our outfits. The dresscode is 

"Survival of the Shiniest."
We shall turn ourselves into human diskoballs. Metallic, shiny and sparkly clothing, ideally DIY, is encouraged. Entrance will be granted ONLY to people wearing a costume.
It would be a beautiful thing should we all turn up on time, to share the experience from the beginning, together. Doors will be open between 9:41pm and 10:41pm ONLY.  After that, if you're in, you're in, if you're out, you're out. 

This intimate event is limited to 200 people ONLY. The best way to guarantee not being left in the cold and desolate world outside would be to turn up a bit early.

It would be a beautiful thing for us to disconnect from the outside world during our time together. Phone use and photography are strictly prohibited in the space.

It would be a beautiful thing to go back home with our hearing intact. While the volume will be nice and full, it will be kept at a decent level.

It would be a beautiful thing to not go home smelling like an ashtray. Smoking is allowed in the chillout area ONLY.

It would be a beautiful thing if we make some money from this event. It would be even more beautiful to open the doors to whomever cannot keep up with the cost of living. We are asking for a contribution of around €15 per person at the door to cover expenses, artist fees and to fund future events. We leave it to you to contribute what you want and how much you want.

If you are a VAT Department Agent reading this, please note that: 
1. We will have a cash register. 
2. This party is not for you.



1. Love and Respect, towards ourselves, towards each other and towards the space that hosts us.

2. That we leave the space better than we found it.

3. That we attend with open eyes, ears, hearts, minds and souls with a sense of enthusiastic participation and not passive observation.

4. That we may treat the dancefloor as a space for dance, creative freedom and physical expression without judgement. Chatting and socialising should be left for the bar area.

5. That we bring with us a beautiful cup to drink from in order to avoid needless plastic use and sea turtle deaths.

6. That we bring with us a small shiny object to offer to the party.

7. That if we see someone using their phone, we either tell on them, beat them up or spit in their drink.


If you feel that this night is for you, put your name in the guestlist below. If you would want to invite another beautiful person, in the same way someone invited you, feel free to send them the link so that they too may put their name in the guestlist. You are more than welcome.

On the other hand, if you don't feel like it, don't come. It's your business. You're a fully grown, autonomous person who can make their own decisions. We shall not take offence at your absence. We will have loads of fun, with or without you.

In fact, we are having fun already.

That is what you get for being afraid to commit to good things.

This attitude of yours is probably the reason you cannot sustain relationships long-term.

Do better next time.